Qatar’s Hayya Card Brings More Benefits to International Travelers

The Hayya Card Qatar is quite popular in the world and among travelers and tourists in particular. What is Hayya Card actually? Well, the card was introduced and launched in 2022 to serve as a fan identification and turned out to be an entry permit into Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Tournament. This Fan ID let the ticket-holders enter Qatar and stadiums and gave them free access to the metro along with bus transportation services during match days (tournament). It was mandatory for international visitors during the FIFA World Cup.

Hayya Card System for Expo 2023

The reports reveal that the Hayya system will be eligible for visitors to Expo 2023 which is all geared up to take place between 2nd October 2023 and March 28th 2024.

The reports from local media clearly reveal that a system will be available for 6 months to welcome passengers to Expo 2023 later this year in Qatar. This exhibition (Expo 2023) will mark the first international horticultural event to be conducted in Qatar and then in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Mohammed Al-Khoury, the Secretary General of Expo 2023, said in a press meeting that the entry procedure was yet to be announced. However, he poured emphasis on the fact that easing the process will bring an increase in tourism in Qatar. The top official stated that in Expo 2023, 80 countries of the world are expected to participate whereas 3 million visitors could enter Doha during the exhibition period.

As mentioned earlier that the Hayya Card is famous as a Fan ID, and is a document that is issued previously by FIFA World Cup Qatar. This document made travel easy for international travelers since it allowed them to reach Qatar for the FIFA World Cup without the need to apply for a visa at first.

New Developments for The Hayya Card

The Interior Ministry of Qatar months back made an announcement saying that it decided to make an extension to the validity of Hayya Card until 24th January 2024. This move will allow fans and organizers from other territories to remain in Qatar legally for an extended period.

The expansion of Hayya Card will boost tourism in the country as well. At a press conference, Akbar Al-Baker (Qatar Tourism Chairman) highlighted that the revamped Hayya platform has now become the preferred destination for travelers seeking visas to enter Qatar. The platform from now onwards will serve as the single portal for all visitors to the country. Qatari media reports that the updated e-visa will now be available in various categories. The categories will be based on the traveler’s nationality, place of residence, or other international visas they could hold.

Categories for Which Approval is Easy

There are three categories for visitors. Travelers, who belong to any of them, will get easy approval.

  • A1 Category: This includes those nationalities which are not qualified Visa on Arrival or Visa-Free Entry.
  • A2 Category: This category has been set for the residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • A3 Category: Under this category, foreign visitors who possess visas or their residencies are from the United Kingdom, Schengen Zone countries, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

Officials in Qatar confirm that the length of the visa will depend on the visitor’s country of origin and can normally be 30 days.

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