Get Paid to Move to Italy – Italy Now Welcomes You with Cash Incentives

Do you want to get paid to move to Italy? Wow, isn’t it enticing and alluring that one instantly would love to avail of this opportunity? Yes, it is! If you are among those who are super excited to go with this opportunity, you may get details about the same. Italy is undoubtedly very beautiful and each city of this country has its own beauty and traditional plus cultural values. The country is a tourist paradise and people from all parts of the world would love to visit it. Now, with the exciting opportunity to get paid to move there (to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy), you are going to be on cloud nine.

Get Paid to Move to Italy – Let’s Find Out Details

Did you know that Mantua, a stunning Renaissance city in northern Italy, is offering cash incentives to attract new residents? If you do not know, then you need to be aware of the news that is filled with massive attractions and excitement quotient.

The city ‘Mantua’ is popular for its exquisite art and delicious cuisine, making it an ideal place to live. For this recently announced move, the authorities aim to accept approximately 100 applications annually for the grants. This initiative is part of a larger effort to address the challenges resulting from Italy’s aging population and declining birth rate. Mantua’s mayor, Mattia Palazzi, hopes and seems quite confident that this program will encourage more people to move to the city and join the workforce.

For the next few years, we have to enhance the resident population by enhancing the number of people who work and generate income to let the municipality handle public welfare spending, adds the mayor.

Budget Allocation

The town council has made the decision of allocating €400,000 towards an initiative to provide rent contributions for new residents of the city. The reports reveal that this amount will be distributed over the period of two years, with €200,000 being distributed this year and the remaining €200,000 in 2024. Thus, each new inhabitant will receive €150 per month towards their rent. But, it should be noted that there is a quota for this grant. According to the authorities, they will accept around 100 applications per year for these grants.

How to Qualify for This Grant

If you would like to get this opportunity and you want to qualify for this financial assistance, you (individuals and families) have to ink a rental agreement for a minimum of one year. The financial assistance program is open to professionals earning between €1,200-€1,500 per month, although the official income threshold so far has not been announced.

The purpose behind this move is to attract new residents and boost the city’s economy by providing this opportunity. The mayor also mentioned that in the next two years, there would be many new job opportunities, as many companies are interested in investing there and establishing themselves in Mantua, particularly in the logistics industry. Furthermore, many business giants are also seeking young talent to join their teams. If you are interested in getting this opportunity, you need to wait a bit. Applications for this financial assistance program are going to be available towards the end of summer.

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