Equatorial Guinea E-Visa Launched – Online Process of Application & Benefits of the Visa

The latest news from the world is that you may now get Equatorial Guinea E-Visa. Well, the government of Equatorial Guinea has now announced and launched its e-visa facility for all foreigners. The new electronic visa system provides the facility for all foreign nationalities to apply for a visa online.

Details Regarding Equatorial Guinea E-Visa

Did you know that Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa? This beautiful country consists of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic offshore islands. The capital of the country is Malabo, which is situated on Bioko Island and boasts Spanish colonial architecture. Additionally, the capital city is a hub for the country’s successful oil industry. If you happen to be a traveler and looking to relax on a beautiful beach, Arena Blanca Beach is a must-visit spot during the dry season. For those interested in wildlife, they can enjoy and explore the Monte Alen National Park where gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants make their home.

There is now an exciting piece of news for those planning to visit Equatorial Guinea – the E-Visa system has been launched by the government on July 1st. It is now easy and possible to apply for a tourist or business visa online through a simple application system. Once approved, you will be able to visit the country hassle-free. With an approved visa, you will be permitted to the country either for tourism or business.

Manuela Roka Botey, the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea, says that our new e-visa system makes it simple and easy for tourists and businessmen to apply securely and speedily and can get a visa fast.

Steps to Get Equatorial Guinea E-Visa

There are 3 easy steps to apply for the visa, let’s find them out:

  • Complete the online form by providing basic personal, passport, and travel information.
  • Provide/upload supporting documents in digital form.
  • The last step is to pay the visa fee securely and submit your form.

After your e-visa application is processed, you will receive an email informing you about the outcome. If approved, you will be provided with an E-Visa electronically. The company behind this system is VFS Global. Since 2002, VFS Global has been providing innovative and highly secure online visa solutions to countries all over the world.

Are There Any Benefits Associated with Equatorial Guinea E-Visa?

Thanks now to this new e-visa service, it now makes the process easy and simple above all online. Applying for a traditional visa to Equatorial Guinea no longer requires a visit to an embassy or consulate.

This new efficient system reduces waiting times and speeds up the visa acquisition process. With a globally accessible portal available to all nationalities of the world, the Equatorial Government expects an increase in inbound travel to this hidden gem located in Central Africa. The fact remains that Equatorial Guinea is already a popular destination for business travellers. With the new system of visa in place, it is expected that the country will witness a significant boost in tourism.

This new procedure for visa application will be beneficial for the visitors who would like to visit the country.

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