Russia Launches E-Visa Service for 52 Countries

Ever thought of visiting beautiful Russia? Want to enjoy the beautiful and eye-candy locations and destinations of the capital city of Russia Moscow? Do you want to enjoy the heart-warming St. Petersburg? In a capsule, are you the one who loves to explore the whole of Russia? If yes to all of the questions above or any of the questions above, then it is time to avail the opportunity. Russia’s e-visa launch has now been done.

Russia’s E-Visa Launch – Details

Russia opened the electronic visa (e-visa) facility on August 1st, 2023. The government authorities, according to online reports, have made the announcement of the online visa service that started functioning on August 1st, 2023. In 2020, Russia suspended its electronic visa service and required visa applications to be submitted in person at the Russian embassies.

But now, the Russian Foreign Ministry released its statement on its website, confirming that international travellers will be able to obtain an e-visa (electronic visa) starting August 1.

Validity of Visa

The reports have it that the validity of the visa will be 60 days. During this period, foreign citizens could enter Russia and stay for up to 16 days (from their entry date).

Who is Eligible to Get Russia’s E-Visa?

According to the information and reports, citizens from 52 different countries will be able to obtain an electronic visa to travel to Russia. The countries include the countries in the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA), India, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others.  Things are still unclear if Russia’s E-Visa launch will bring about any further changes to Russia’s visa policy.

Terms of the E-Visa

As per the statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry, travellers will be able to obtain an electronic visa by submitting an online application. It will be a single-entry visa for various purposes including:

  • Business trips
  • Holidays and tourism
  • Guests of the Russian citizens/residents/organizations
  • Participation in sporting events
  • Participation in cultural events
  • Participation in scientific, sociopolitical, or economic events

As mentioned above in the post that the visa will be valid for 60 days and during this time, the visa holders have to enter the country. Once the holder of the visa is in Russia, the E-Visa permits a stay of up to 16 days.

There are 92 border points in Russia that are fully equipped with the essential technology to scan and verify E-Visas. The visa allows travellers to enter the country by air, land, or sea. The e-visa service has been launched with the aim to make travel more accessible and encourage more visitors and promote tourism in the nation.

It is now being hoped by people of the other countries of the world that Russia would now plan something enticing for them also in terms of e-visa service. If it happens, the country might witness more visitors/tourists to its land in turn, it will turn out to be more foreign exchange for the country. Let’s see and wait if it happens in near future. Russia is equipped with so many attractions for the visitors and tourists.

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