Saudi Arabia Launches A 3-Month Temporary Work Visa (Extendable) Without Any Documents

People interested in going abroad and those who would love to work there are much aware of the importance of work visas. A work visa holds quite a big importance and getting a work visa and work permit is not easy at all. To get a work visa or a work permit, certain eligibility requirements need to be fulfilled. Besides, there may also be other factors to obtain a work visa or work permit. Each work visa or work permit has its own requirements which you need to meet before applying. There is a massive trend of going to Gulf states for work or jobs. People are much inclined towards going there. If you are among those ones, there is colossal news for you. Saudi Arabia has introduced a temporary work visa. If you are interested, you may read the details ahead.

Saudi Arabia Temporary Work Visa

First of all, if you are not aware of what work visas are all about, let’s now find out about them. Work visas are permits that allow people to travel to another country for the purpose of work. Most of the time, it is mandatory to accept employment in a foreign country.

Online reports reveal that the Government of Saudi Arabia has launched a new 3 months temporary work visa that can be obtained instantly without any documentation. The holders of this temporary work visa will be able to work for three months from the date of entry and the visa then can be extended for an additional period.

Another benefit of this visa is that it also grants the holder the ability to work without the need for residency or a work permit. This visa can be requested by either the business owner or a commissioner through the Qiwa platform.

What is Qiwa Platform

It is actually an electronic platform that gives access to different services of the Ministry of Human Resources in the labor sector. Therefore, this temporary work visa can be applied through Qiwa.

More Details about Saudi Arabia Temporary Work Visa

It is vital to be noted that enterprises with the same unified number should make sure that their work permit is not expired and that they possess enough (sufficient) credit in their national unified number on the Absher account.

If these requirements are appropriately fulfilled/met, a temporary work visa will be obtained easily and instantly through Qiwa without any documentation. It needs t be noted that this temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia is electronic and will be valid for one year.

On the contrary, if there is an insufficient balance in the unified number or if the Interior Ministry rejects the request, the temporary work visa might be rejected. If necessary (if need be), the balance package of the temporary work visa can be cancelled and government fees can be refunded, but only if the cancellation request is submitted by the business owner or a commissioner.

This temporary work visa of Saudi Arabia is all set to provide benefits to the people interested in working there.

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