Foreign Skilled Workers to Get Ease to Live and Work in Germany

According to the latest reports, German authorities now have reminded skilled foreigners that they will soon have easier access to the country for work-related reasons. This is going to be a piece of exciting news for skilled foreign workers who plan to work and settle in Germany. The reports further reveal that once the Skilled Immigration Act takes effect, bureaucratic obstacles will be removed accordingly which allow skilled workers to live and work in Germany with mere (fewer) restrictions.

More Information for Skilled Foreign Workers

Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser stated that Germany plans to simplify the procedure for skilled workers so that they could come to the country with ease for employment purposes.

It has been revealed that the aim behind this move is to attract skilled workers to Germany because of the current labor shortages in various sectors. The goal is to eradicate bureaucratic obstacles and enable individuals with work experience or potential to gain a foothold in the job market.

Three Ways to Enter Germany for Skilled Workers

Under the Skilled Immigration Act, there are three ways for skilled workers to enter Germany. The first route (or the first way), which is based on qualifications, allows IT specialists (professionals) to obtain the EU blue card and have their credentials recognized. This group of specialists or professionals will have their professional experience shortened and the German language requirement will be waived for them.

The second way or the route is based on experience. This route allows foreigners with a minimum of two years of professional experience and a recognized professional qualification (from abroad) to enter Germany as specialists.

The German government has also announced changes to its immigration policies that will make it easier for foreign workers to work and live in the country. According to the new policies, a degree is no longer required to be recognized beforehand, which means less bureaucracy and shorter procedures.

The third route is that Germany is all set to introduce an opportunity card that will allow foreigners to stay in the country for up to one year and they can look for employment there.

Benefits for Asylum Seekers

Germany also plans to make things easier for asylum seekers who are trying to find employment.

Asylum seekers who arrived in Germany before March 29 of this year and have the necessary (essential) qualifications will also get the chance to withdraw their asylum application and apply for a work and residence permit.

Note: German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees’ recent research reveals that immigration to the country has significantly increased in the second half of 2021. The details show that a number of foreigners have already arrived in Germany for work purposes.

In a nutshell, if you are a foreign skilled worker and possess skills to make your mark, you are going to be benefited and now can work and live in an economically rich European country that is also a part of Schengen Zone. Just get glued to get more updates on the matter.

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