Thailand Digital Nomad Visa – Application Procedure and Requirements

There is no denying in saying that work from home has gathered so much strength, and turned out to be the most novel thing in business and work scenario. Remote work or work from home has become our new normal lifestyle. Many countries of the world have begun offering digital nomad visas, and the latest to join the bandwagon is none other than Thailand. This post will discuss about what is required and everything about Thailand Digital Nomad Visa.

Let’s Learn about Thailand Digital Nomad Visa

Thailand Smart Visa, in simple words is called Thailand Digital Nomad Visa, now starts attracting the eyes of the digital nomads around the world who like to arrive there to do their remote works in eye pleasing and beachy locales of the country. Digital Nomad Thailand visa is going to be much popular due to Thailand being a vocational spot for the travelers of the world. Each year, big number of travelers turn to Thailand for vacations, and the freelance visa (digital nomad visa) is all set to fetch the eyes of many. The smart visa of Thailand is expected to do wonders.

Who is A Digital Nomad and What is Digital Nomad Visa

Today, majority of the companies and the governments like their employees do the work from home as much as possible due to the pandemic issue. Besides, the remote workers and the people who like traveling along with their works (in other words called digital nomad) prefer staying away from the offices and homes. They are the right and central candidates for digital nomad visas today available everywhere in the world (as a number of countries have started offering).

Last year, Estonia announced legally its digital nomad visa that instantly grabbed the eyeballs. Estonia Digital Nomad Visa made room for other countries to begin working on this type of visa for freelancers.

Visa Application for digital nomad visa is different from country to country. If you require it, you need to read details about the specific country you are seeking the digital nomad visa for. This visa surely adds values to workers’ lives and generates more productivity in work than the works done at office spaces. This visa gives you chance to explore the world while you do vacation and work for your earnings.

Digital Nomads are people who are not location-based rather are location-independent. They use technology to perform their works or jobs. Digital Nomads work remotely. They use telecommunication technologies to earn a living and lead their lives in a nomadic style. Such people often work remotely from abroad (foreign lands), public libraries, co-working spaces or recreational vehicles.

Digital Nomad Visa is a novel type of visa started getting popular in recent years. Visas issued to digital nomads are travel permits which legalize the status of traveling professionals. Like a tourist visa, the digital nomad visa is easy to obtain and does not require long paperwork (every country’s requirements for digital nomad visa are different) and a work contract. This visa allows longer stays than visit visa or a tourist visa. Thailand is undoubtedly an ideal place to combine vacation and remote working for your new digital nomad lifestyle.

Details about Workation

Thailand visa is all the time in demand, as mentioned above for vacations and eye catchy destinations. Now the smart visa is gearing up to add more values to the country. The trend of working from home and being away in some other country for work and pleasures has become the central attention of all digital nomads, who just need a fast internet connection and a laptop to do work. This trend has introduced the terminology ‘workation (often spelled ‘workcation’). It is a working vacation in other words – combing work and vacation. It involves working while being away from your office, mixing your leisure and work time. It is called a new concept of a vacation which combines business with leisure.

Hats off to today’s fast and innovation-filled technology which makes things more effectual in all kinds of ways, and enables many of us to change how we work. Today, we are no longer tied to our office desks in a manner that we were used to. Length of workation depends on you, as to how much you like to expand it? It may last for weeks, months and even years. Digital nomads like it, because they love to explore new cultures and traditions – all they need to enjoy vacations with work is fast internet accessibility and cheap places to live, which they can find with ease.

Thailand for Digital Nomads

There is no single doubt in mentioning that Thailand Digital Nomad Visa is going allure the people of the world. Since the time the news started making rounds in the media, the digital nomads are set to apply for it. Features, the Thailand smart visa hold to attract the people include:

  • Big variety of working space and facility which meets your needs.
  • Economical cost of living.
  • Convenient lifestyle.
  • Internet availability.
  • Exceptional hospitality.
  • Friendly people.
  • Exceptional healthcare service.
  • Food’s availability all the time.
  • Beautiful nature landscape.

Thailand Digital Nomad Visa is going to do wonders with you, as the country is a perfect choice for the digital nomad lifestyle. You can easily combine work and other activities. Have fun with spa, massage, golf, cycling and with more other attractive activities. Do it before or after your work. Enjoy natural beauty everywhere in the country.

Thailand’s New Smart Visa Rules

If you are a digital nomad, you will now be able to apply for this smart visa very soon. The visa will allow you up to 4 years to stay in the country without a work permit. Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) is proposing changes to visa requirements. The Center of COVID-19 Situation Administration of Thailand has already approved the rules, and the next step is cabinet approval.

The proposal presented to the cabinet says that the people already in Thailand on a tourist visa will be able to transfer their visa to a smart visa. To apply for smart visa, the applicants should present employment contract with a foreign company or entity for minimum 6 months along with a proof of qualifications and experience.

Get ready now to apply for Thailand Digital Nomad Visa, and enjoy life and work in the natural beauty-filled country famous for being a traveler’s destination.

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