Labor Shortage Leads Poland to Issue Highest Number of Work Visas to Foreigners

There is no denying in mentioning that Europe is massively facing a skilled labor shortage in the region which is why it has now planned things and changed the rules to attract skilled workers to come, work and live there. The shortage of skilled labor in Europe is increasing and this happens because of the digital and green transition. To address this issue and problem, the European Commission now has initiated the European Year of Skills. Throughout Europe, employers are struggling to find workers laced with the necessary skills. According to the reports, a quarter of the 25 million SMEs in Europe are of the opinion that hiring competent managers and staff happens to be a significant challenge. There is a labor shortage in Poland as well like the whole of Europe.

Details about Labor Shortage in Poland

Because of structural and demographic reasons, the labor market in the country (Poland) is experiencing a shortage of labor. In Poland, the working-age population is decreasing, and the potential for additional growth in the labor force participation rate has also been steadily decreasing.

Occupations in Shortage in Poland

The occupations, which are under the shortage occupations list in Poland, include:

  • Engineers such as electrical and mechanical engineers
  • IT specialists especially those who are programmers and software developers
  • Health professionals including nurses, doctors, and pharmacists
  • Skilled tradespeople like mechanics, welders, and construction workers

Poland Now Issues Highest Number of Visas

There is no denying that many foreigners look to Poland for job opportunities, and the country has become a famous destination for job seekers from abroad. In 2022 and the first half of this year (2023), Poland issued thousands of national visas. Online reports and data show that Poland issued the highest number of work visas to citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, and Turkey last year and in the first six months of this ongoing year.

In the list issued by Konkret24, Poland issued the highest number of work visas in the year 2022. The list shows that Ukrainians bagged 138,789 work visas, Belarusians got 120,914 national visas, whereas Turks received 10,946 national visas in 2022.

The list of top 15 countries whom Poland issued the highest number of work visas in 2022 includes India (9,786 visas), followed by Georgia (8,413), Moldova (7,222), Uzbekistan (5,326), the Philippines (5,284), Nepal (3,325), Russia (3,206), Indonesia (2,716), Kazakhstan (2,662), Azerbaijan (2,309), Turkmenistan (2,277), and Armenia (1,997). On the contrary, Poland also granted regular visas to the nationals of these countries in the previous year, but the numbers were lower. Additionally, Konkret24 also provided details of a table of work visas that were issued in the first six months of 2023.

Reports reveal that similar to the previous year, Poland has granted/issued a high number of work visas to citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, and Türkiye in the first half of this year (2023). The citizens of Ukraine were issued 62,994 visas, Belarus’ citizens got 62,236 visas, and the citizens of Türkiye received 5,429 visas. Other countries on the list include Nepal (3,345), India (3,398), the Philippines (3,210), Uzbekistan (2,147), Georgia (2,320), Bangladesh (1,772), Kazakhstan (1,632), Moldova (1,751), Vietnam (1,507), Armenia (1,128), Azerbaijan (1,236), and Indonesia (1,093) respectively.

Labor shortage could be beneficial for those who are seeking opportunities in Europe particularly in Poland.

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