Travel to Singapore Passport-Free From 2024 Onward

There is no doubt that Singapore always attracts the eyes. People around the world would love to visit this beautiful and eye-candy country. It is a traveler’s paradise as well. Each year, a horde of tourists from all parts of the world visit there. It is also famous for being a global financial center. The country is among the most densely populated places in the entire world. Its world-class city airport with a waterfall grabs the attention all the time. So, if you are a traveler or would like to travel to Singapore. Get ready to visit it passport-free now. Let’s learn about how to travel to Singapore passport-free.

How to Travel to Singapore Passport-Free

The latest reports reveal that travelers heading to Singapore by next year will no longer need to carry a passport along. Isn’t it enticing? Yes, it is. The Government of Singapore recently passed a new law that will allow the use of biometric sensors for departing passengers at Singapore Changi Airport.

The law will make things automated meaning that the passport-free immigration clearance will be available to passengers by next year from 2024 onward, it is a move that has put Singapore ahead of most other countries worldwide. The Communications Minister, Josephine Teo, hailed this novel development as a progressive step towards more efficient travel.

Smoother Procedure Set to Happen Now

New changes would streamline passenger travel and lessen the need for multiple document checks at various touchpoints at the airport. The plan behind this new move is to use biometrics to create a ‘single token of authentication’ that can be used for automated procedures like baggage drop, immigration clearance, boarding, etc.

This surely would be an innovation that is set to eradicate the need for physical travel documents such as passports and boarding passes within the airport ecosystem. It will provide a smooth and convenient travel experience to the travelers. However, it is worth noting and vital to note that passports (physical passports) will still be mandatory for travelers going to countries outside Singapore that do not offer passport-free travel.

What About Other Airports Around the World?

Apart from Singapore, airports around the world are also adopting biometric technology to enhance security and increase the passenger experience. A few years back in 2018, Dubai International Airport introduced ‘Smart Gates’ technology which is a biometric tunnel that uses facial recognition to verify traveler identities in just a period of five seconds.

In order to authenticate their identities, passengers can now use their face scans or fingerprints, eradicating the need for physical passports and paving the way for a passport-free travel experience.

Well, a number of other airports around the world including Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong International Airport, London Heathrow, Indira Gandhi International in Delhi, and Paris Charles de Gaulle, have also implemented a unique facial recognition technology to speed up passenger processing, improve security, and provide the travelers with a more convenient travel experience.

Now, it is time to pack the bags to travel to the eye-pleasing Singapore.

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