E-Visa Travel Between Brazil and Mexico

The latest from Brazil and Mexico is that E-visa travel is all set to be in place between the two countries very soon. According to online and media reports, Brazil and Mexico have agreed to implement a mutual system of e-visas (electronic visas) for their citizens who are traveling for tourism or business purposes. With the latest development or with the implementation of this rule, physical visas will no longer be required for both countries, and citizens of both countries will not have to go to consulates to retrieve their documents.

Implementation of E-Visa Travel

The reports suggest that the new system will be implemented in the coming months. This agreement between the two countries is part of a procedure aimed at exempting Mexicans and Brazilians from permits to visit each other’s countries. Mauro Vieira, Mexico’s foreign minister, announced recently that Mexico would become the second country (after Japan) to waive visa restrictions for the tourists of Brazil, starting on October 1, 2023.

Current Scenario

Prior to the implementation of the new system, Brazilians can still enter Mexico with a physical visa, unless they already possess a valid visa or are permanent residents in the United States, Canada, some Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, or Japan. Working on this agreement has been going on since April this year and it was negotiated with the Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Bardina Ibarra.

The State Department issued a note mentioning that the joint adoption of e-Visas (electronic visas) will allow both countries’ nationals (citizens) to apply for visitor visas safely, quickly, and without the need to travel to consular offices.

Latest Updates on E-Visa Travel Between the Two Countries

The e-visa system has already been implemented by both countries for certain periods of time. However, Mexico lately reinforced its requirement for paper authorization (Mexican visa) for the citizens of Brazil to enter the country. This happened because of a technical malfunction that prevented the consulates of Mexico from issuing licenses, causing disruption for travelers who had already bought tickets. Because of the failures, the tourists could not travel.

Benefits of a Brazilian Passport

The latest reports from Passport Index reveal that the Brazilian passport holds worth, as the holders of this passport can enter 121 countries around the world without the need for a visa, while they do not need a passport for entry into another 8 countries. On the international scale, the Brazilian passport ranks 48th position.

There are absolutely so many benefits attached to the electronic visa wave that has started happening now. A number of countries have turned into this scheme that surely makes the things and visa process easy for the visitors. This move should be welcomed. The move taken by Brazil and Mexico is appreciable. Hope, other countries in South and North America will follow the trend set by these two countries.

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