Citizens of Oman to Get Turkish Visa with Ease Soon Plus A Look at the Current Visa Situation of the Two Countries

Muhammet Hekimoğlu (The Turkish Ambassador to Oman) recently said that Türkiye and Oman are collaborating to make it easier for citizens of Oman to obtain visas to enter Türkiye with ease. The reports have it that If an agreement between the two countries is reached, citizens of Oman will then no longer have to acquire a visa to visit Türkiye. For the promotion of tourism, the Turkish authorities plan on organizing numerous events and meetings to encourage more citizens of Turkey to visit Oman. Let’s now find out more about the Turkish visa rules for Oman ahead in this article.

Turkish Visa Rules for Oman

This effort to streamline the requirements of visas has resulted in an increase in visits between the two countries, especially in the first 6 months of the ongoing year of 2023. Reports suggest that in 2022, more than 130,000 citizens of Oman visited Türkiye for tourism purposes. With the visa rules becoming easier, the number of visitors will be expected to increase even more.

Attractions Türkiye and Oman Offer to the People

As far as Türkiye is concerned, it offers a diverse cultural experience plus various landscapes, including beautiful and eye-candy beaches. On the other hand, attractions in Oman include the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the ancient city of Nizwa, and the Wahiba Sands, among others.

Current Turkey Visa Situation for Omani Nationals

Currently, citizens of Oman are required to provide several documents when applying for a Türkiye Visa like the visa application form, two identical photos, and a passport. In addition to the above, applicants have to show proof of accommodation, financial stability, travel health insurance, and travel itinerary. Depending on their employment status, other documents like employment contracts may be required also.

Current Visa Requirements for Oman Visa for Turkish Citizens

On the contrary, Oman has eliminated the visa requirements for Turkish citizens. Citizens of 102 other countries as well as Turkish citizens can enter Oman without a visa for a stay of up to 14 days. Those staying for a more extended period in Oman are required to apply for a visa and provide a valid passport, one photograph, a return flight ticket, and proof of accommodation.

The initiative between the two countries is applaudable not only by the two governments but also by the nationals of the Oman and Türkiye. It is being hoped that the initiative will be implemented soon so that the visitors of both countries can enter in each other’s country with ease.

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