Big News for Foreign Skilled Workers in Kuwait – Government Expands Family Visa Eligibility

The latest news is that Kuwait expands family visa eligibility now for skilled workers who reside in Kuwait. There is an analysis of the foreign population in Kuwait (available online) shows that foreign citizens make up 60% of the population and 78% of the labor force working there. Kuwait is the central focus and central attention of the workers who want to go there for a better future and earn handsomely. The country offers tremendous opportunities to grow being economically rich. Kuwait is undoubtedly among the richest countries in the world with its high-valued currency.

Kuwait Expands Family Visa Eligibility – Detailed Overview

People from the entire world particularly from South Asia make their way to Kuwait for a better future and the country welcomes the labor force. Now, the latest news emerges that the country has expanded eligibility for family visas to include kids and spouses of foreign skilled workers living there.

Effective from 28th January 2024, the Kuwaiti Government has announced the expansion of eligibility for family visas to strengthen the workforce. The policy in this regard has been revised, and this revised policy now consists of spouses and kids of the presently living diverse group of skilled workers in Kuwait. But some conditions apply for this move such as meeting particular education standards and minimum requirements of workers’ salaries.

The process of attracting and retaining talented professionals has also been simplified. Skilled foreign workers in Kuwait will now have the opportunity to get residency for their immediate members of their families.

The news reveals that this development also marks a prominent change from December 2022 when Kuwait started slowly reopening the family visa program.

Criteria for Family Visas

The latest development is that foreign workers (foreign nationals) living in Kuwait are now eligible to apply for a family residence visa that extends the privilege to their children (who are under 18) and spouses. But some criteria need to be met by the main applicant:

  • The applicants have to submit their university-level degrees that have to be related to their field of work being done in Kuwait with exceptions for particular professions like media, engineering, medicine, and higher education roles.
  • Their minimum wage should be KD800 (around US$2600) increased from the previous requirement of Kuwaiti Dinar (KD) 550 before the program was suspended in 2022.

Duration and Application Procedure

The duration of the family visa will be up to three years. This family residence visa will be a renewable multiple-entry permit that entitles the dependents to stay in Kuwait for the duration of up to three years.

For applicants to apply for this family residence visa, applicants have to first enter Kuwait on an entry visa to begin with the application procedure and then they can complete the formalities within two months.

Kuwait, where is economically stable and powerful, is among the most powerful passports in the world. Its passport is ranked 99th in the world. The holders of Kuwaiti passports can travel to 58 countries without a visa. This move made by the Kuwait Government is being appreciated and will be helpful for those skilled foreign workers residing there.

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