One Million Work Visas for Pakistani Nationals to Work Abroad Including European Countries, Japan and Saudi Arabia

There is news for the citizens of Pakistan that is geared up to help them cheered up. Now, according to reports, Pakistani nationals will be provided opportunities to work abroad by none other than the Government of Pakistan. The reports reveal that one million visas will be issued to the nationals of Pakistan to work in foreign countries. Let’s now learn the details about one million Pakistanis to get work visas abroad.

Details about One Million Pakistanis to Get Work Visas Abroad

Sajid Hussain Turi, the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, made an announcement that one million Pakistani nationals will be provided overseas employment this year. The initiative has been taken with the Saudi Arabian authorities for Pakistanis employment.

Similar agreements with 50 other countries are underway including Germany, Romania and Greece, etc.

Saudi Arabia to Issue Work Permits to Pakistani Nationals

The beginning will start with Saudi Arabia whose officials from the Ministry of Labor will visit Pakistan and issue work visas to those who pass their technical training test. With Saudi Arabia, Pakistan also shares a friendly relationship. A large number of Pakistanis have been working there already. With this agreement, more workforce will be added in Saudi Arabia.

Japan to Issue Work Permits to Pakistanis

Japan has also announced to issue the work permits for Pakistani citizens. Reports have it that Japan is going to hire skilled workers from Pakistan in good numbers. An MOU is on its way to be signed between the two governments. It is assumed that skilled workers from Pakistan may be awarded an indefinite visa.

Other reports suggest that South Korea is also in need to recruit 10,000 skilled Pakistani workers.

Pakistanis to Get Work Visas from European Countries

Pakistanis may also get work visas from Romania and Germany in the near future, reports suggest. In addition to this, the Pakistani government is having talks with Greece and Portugal for their professional and labor visas. Once anything is concrete in this manner, the news will be revealed.

The Governments of Pakistan and Malta have also discussed the work visa matter, as was revealed by the minister himself. He told that the process for visa issuance to Malta stopped because there was no Maltese embassy in Pakistan. But now, the Pakistani embassy in Italy could be used to resolve the issue, according to the latest reports.

The move is without any kind of doubt appears to be the best for the citizens of Pakistan. If this happens, the nationals of Pakistan may then make their bright careers in foreign lands. There is no doubt that the people particularly the young generation of the country has potential and skills to make their marks. What they need is the opportunity to demonstrate the same. Now, if they are provided the chance, they can excel.

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