Portugal Launches New Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers

Sticking to the office has become a thing of the past? Today is the age of remote working. Everything has gone digital now. Everyone is now location free. Digital Nomads have taken the front seat. The importance of digital nomads has soared sky-high.  Every other country now offers a digital nomad visa which is obtainable by simply meeting the eligibility criteria. We have been hearing a lot about Portugal Digital Nomad Visa. Now, Portugal has launched a new one-year digital nomad visa that comes up with numerous attractions for remote workers.

Let’s Check Out the Details about Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

This new visa helps remote workers become able to live and work in Portugal for up to a duration of 12 months. The scheme was launched last year in October 2022 since then the country has approved 200 visas for digital nomads. The majority of the digital nomads are from the UK, Brazil, and the USA.

Present reports reveal that digital nomads from other parts of the world (except the USA, UK and Brazil) have also shown their interest in this visa scheme. They reportedly have applied for Portugal digital nomad visa program.

Eligibility Requirements

To be qualified for this visa, the applicants have to earn a minimum €2,800 per month. According to the cabinet minister of Portugal Ana Catarina Mendes, “Portugal is a country for immigration. Portugal receives thousands of immigrants seeking opportunities in Portugal every year.

  • The applicants need to be from a country not in EEA or EU areas (countries).
  • They should be self-employed or employed by an enterprise/company located outside Portugal.
  • They should be earning a minimum of four times the Portuguese minimum wage per month (roughly the amount should be €2,800.)

What’s This Visa All About?

The new Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is officially called the ‘residence visa for the exercise of professional activity’. It has been designed especially for working professionals. Freelancers and the people who do their business and jobs remotely are the ones take advantage of this visa scheme. Portugal, a Southern European country, is also a member of Schengen Zone. Thus, being in a Schegen zone, you may enjoy many perks the visa-free zone offers to its travelers and residents. With one visa, you are eligible to visit the Schengen areas (countries listed in the Schegen zone).

This visa is an alternative to the present D7 visa (a very popular residency permit mostly offered to retirees and those who are passive income earners).

Application Process of Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

  • You need to show proof of your income for the last three months.
  • The applicants have to submit tax residency documents plus a contract of employment (or they need to provide proof of self-employment).
  • Applications can be submitted at a Portuguese Consulate located in your country, or at Portugal’s immigration agency, Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras.

It is always advisable to arrange all required documents very carefully. The documents need to be presented in a professional manner. If you have made up for your mind to be a digital nomad in Portugal, first you should be aware of everything about the country you are going to live in for a specific period. Make all arrangements and plan your budget accordingly. Going to another country utterly changes the whole scenario. From one setup, you are going to a new setup altogether. Therefore, you have to plan everything about your new life there and work prior to application submission.

Application submission is never difficult if you carefully read instructions and understand the points. So, it is recommended to read all instructions carefully and act accordingly by the time you apply for anything no matter it is for your Portugal digital nomad visa application.

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