Germany Plans to Make it Easy to Come and Work Through New Skilled Workers Visa Scheme

Germany, as per the news, now has plans to attract skilled workers from outside the area of the European Union. Immigration legislation is going to be reformed to make it easy for people from third countries to work in Germany. A press conference was held on 17th January 2023 at the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs, where Annalena Baerbock (foreign minister) told to the media person that modernizing the visa procedure would mean ‘turning it upside down’. Thus, a skilled worker visa for Germany will now make it easy for third-country nationals to work in Germany.

What’s the Attraction for Foreign Workers with Skilled Worker Visa for Germany

The minister also said that with enough skilled workers at our disposal, we could get efficiency in the country’s economy and social security systems. She explained that getting workers from within the area of the EU was easy due to the freedom of movement, but getting from the rest of the world appeared to be a big challenge.

Germany has plans to overcome the shortage of skilled workers by introducing a new ‘opportunity card’. Although the bill for the same is still in the development process but was approved last year at the end of November 2022.

Chancenkarte – Point System

With this process, there will be a points-based system that will enable the skilled workers (with the required skills) to come to Germany with ease. This is a strategy’s part proposed by Hubertus Heil, the labor minister, to address the labor shortage in Germany. This is targeted at the people who presently do not have a work contract in Germany.

Criteria for Assessment

Among other required things, the applicant’s qualifications, language skills, and professional experience will be required.

Quotas will be decided each year depending on the shortage of people/workers in particular industries. The applicants have to meet three out of four criteria in order to apply for this scheme.

  • The applicants should possess a degree or any vocational training that should be recognized by Germany.
  • Must possess 3 years of professional experience.
  • The age should be 35 or younger.
  • Should possess language skills or have stayed previously in Germany.

Note: Majority of the non-EU nationals must possess a job offer at present time prior to relocating to Germany. There is a visa for job seekers that exists already, but with this new scheme ‘chancenkarte’ it is going to be easy and fast for people to find work in Germany.

How Does the New Visa Work?

With the opportunity card, eligible people will be allowed to come and find jobs or apprenticeships while staying in the country instead of applying for jobs from abroad. But the applicants have to prove their financial capacity to bear their living expenditures. This visa scheme is alluring and attractive for those wishing to make their careers in Germany.

When Will ‘Chancenkarte’ (Skilled Worker Visa for Germany) Be Available

The complete details of this new scheme are yet to be released. It is expected that this new scheme might be available by the end of 2023. So, it is now time to get prepared to avail this massive opportunity to go to the economically rich country of Europe that is also a part of the Schengen Zone.

If you are interested in getting this skilled  worker visa, you should then keep your eyes on the updates about this scheme. You may develop and boost your career in Germany with this visa scheme. The country undoubtedly offers numerous opportunities to the people who come there legally and reside legally. So, you may grow your career in Germany by availing this upcoming opportunity all geared up to be launched anytime in 2023.

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