Moving to Japan is Now Easy for Skilled Workers with Simplified Visa Rules

Did you ever think of moving to Japan? Has this country been on your priority list to relocate there? Do you want to make your career over there? If yes is the answer, you should now get ready and pull your socks up to do up with the procedure of moving to Japan. The country always entices foreigners with its beautiful nature, friendly ambiance, and opportunities to grow. You may now relocate to Japan with ease, as the country is making the procedure easy for skilled workers. Let’s now check out the details.

Moving to Japan is Easy Now

There is no doubt that getting a work permit and visa for Japan is not easy, but that might be about to change. The country wants to boost its economy and competitiveness, it looks to attract foreign investments and workers. Japan, according to online reports, has set a goal of getting 100 trillion yen from foreign direct investments by the year 2030, by using the weak yen as an incentive.

With this plan in place, Japan is looking to become Asia’s biggest startup hub. Additionally, it wants to boost production and research besides attracting skilled workers from abroad.

The Need to Attract Foreign Workers

Japan has ageing population like a number of European countries. It is projected that there would be around one elderly person for each person of working age by the year 2060 (as reported by IMF). Japan has already started witnessing the effects of this and now begins facing a shortage of workers. Since it may turn out to be bad for the economy, Japan now wants foreign workers to come and strengthen its economy.

Around 1.8 million foreign workers currently are present in the country (according to online reports). There, Japan wants to increase this figure to 7 million by 2040 to get along with its set targets. Japan now has simplified its visa requirements for highly skilled professionals.

Who Can Qualify?

Simplification of visas has begun since April this year. Certain foreign workers now are able to bypass the present points-based visa system provided that they fulfill set criteria. Most importantly, these foreign workers will also be eligible for permanent residency status after merely one year rather than three years.

According to online reports, this procedure applies to engineers and researchers with an annual income of a minimum of 20 million yen and either a Master’s degree or 10 years of working experience. Corporate Managers need to show an income of 40 million yen with 5 years of working experience to qualify.

Reports also suggest that entrepreneurs wishing to begin a business in Japan could also be allowed to stay longer than one year period under the category of Japan’s start-up visa (the details about the same are yet to be cleared).

Targeting Young Graduates from Overseas

According to the reports, the country is also looking to allure young graduates from overseas from 100 top universities of the world. They will be positioned as ‘future creative talent’ and offered designated activities’ residency status. They will be able to stay and work in Japan for 2 years as they look for jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. This new change makes your moving to Japan dream easy.

Japan without any kind of doubt is a country that attracts not only to visitors/travelers but also to those who would like to make a professional career there. The country is known for its quality products and technological advancements also. You can now make Japan your next home with this opportunity. So, get ready to move to Japan with these simplified visa rules for skilled workers. You may now be a part to strengthen the economy of Japan. Keep your eyes on the updates.

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