UAE’s 3-Month Visit Visa Gets Higher Demand After Re-Launch (Complete Details Including Costs, Eligibility & Application)

As far as the UAE visit visa is concerned, it is always in high demand and quite popular among visitors or travelers around the world. The visit visa of the United Arab Emirates is very popular in the world because UAE is the central hub for tourists and is a tourist paradise. Every other person wants to visit UAE because of the architectural giants, skyscrapers, shopping malls, and attractions the country has in plenty. The latest reports say that the demand for UAE’s 3-month visit visa now has soared high.

Details about the Higher Demand for the UAE Visit Visa for a 3-Month Duration

According to online reports, the agents are of the view that around 20 people per day are applying for the three-month visit visa when visiting the UAE.

This visa was discontinued a few years back and a 60-day visa was introduced instead. However, the UAE government reinstated this three-month leisure visa in May this year. The reports further reveal that there are now three types of single-entry visas available namely 30, 60, and 90 days.

Details about the Single-Entry Visa Categories

There are different categories of visitors who apply for longer-term visas. These include tourists who would like to have fun and enjoyment for a longer vacation in the UAE, parents and children of UAE residents, their extended family members, and visitors who really would love to discover the country before settling down for good.

There are numerous families and travel experts who firmly believe that a month or two is quite a short time to explore and live in the UAE. In this regard, the 90-day leisure visa of the UAE has been a welcome relief for them so that these people can stay in the country for a longer period.

Eligibility for the UAE Visit Visa for 3-Month

UAE visa experts say that there are two categories covered by the three-month visas. The first category involves a resident sponsoring immediate family members and friends by depositing Dh1,000. To get this type of visa, there is a minimum salary threshold that ranges from Dh6,000 to Dh8,000 and it is mandatory. The second category of this type of visa is open to anyone. This visa can be obtained through a travel agent who will act as your sponsor. The only requirement to obtain this visa is a copy of your passport and photos.

Cost of Visa

As far as the first category is concerned, it costs approximately Dh800 along with a refundable deposit of Dh1,000. Those who are interested can apply through the official immigration websites. For the second category, people who would like to visit UAE may apply through their travel agent. The cost of this visa ranged from Dh1,200 to Dh1,400.

As for the 90-day visa, it has been a blessing for those people who struggle to leave the UAE for a visa extension.

The UAE Government has also introduced a number of other visas to facilitate the people and visitors. There is no doubt that the country is the central attention and attraction of the people from around the world.

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