Does Slovenia Offer Digital Nomad Visa or What Options Are Available to Foreigners?

Since digital nomad visas are echoed everywhere, we have been witnessing countries around the world announcing their digital nomad visas. The question hits the mind ‘What is a digital nomad visa’ in actuality? This type of visa allows people to live a nomadic lifestyle by using technology to work remotely from outside their own countries (home countries). A digital nomad visa is a program or document that provides someone/people the legal right to work remotely while they reside away from their countries of permanent residence. Where every other country is offering its digital nomad visas, a question arises whether Slovenia’s Digital Nomad Visa actually exists or not.

Does Slovenia’s Digital Nomad Visa Exist?

A straight answer is ‘no’, but there are other ways, you may do work legally in the country. Let’s first learn about the country a bit.

Slovenia is located in Central Europe and is among the most beautiful and welcoming countries. The best thing about the country is that English is a widely used language there which makes it quite easy for the expats to settle in.

Among the most attractive and heartwarming things about Slovenia is the fact that you can enjoy its numerous caves, landscapes, caves, and vineyards throughout all four seasons. With the emergence and rise of remote work, countries across the world are introducing ‘digital nomad visas’ to cater to remote workers who would like to live abroad while working from home. Will Slovenia join the bandwagon?

Who Can Live in Slovenia as a Digital Nomad?

Since the country does not have a digital nomad visa, and the reports reveal that there are no plans to launch it in the near future, there are nonetheless options available for some who may stay there as digital nomads.

EEA and EU citizens may live in Slovenia and work there as digital nomads for three months with no restrictions. If the citizens of the EU and EEA want to stay more than three months, they need to register their stay at a local registration hall.

Are Alternatives Available to Digital Nomad Visa?

First things first – if you happen to be a digital nomad and are on your way to seeking to work remotely in Slovenia, unfortunately, there is no program that caters to your needs.

Therefore, becoming self-employed in Slovenia happens to be the next best option for you. To do this, you will have to apply for a multiple-entry visa at the Slovenian embassy or consulate located in your home country. Once you arrive in Slovenia, you can then register for a single residence and work permit.

Being a self-employed person in Slovenia, you are entitled to establish your own business or company that operates within the country. However, this work or business has to be beneficial to the Slovenian economy. Therefore, if you work exclusively for your overseas clients or a foreign company, you will not be able to meet the self-employment visa requirements.

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