How to Get a One-Mission Work Visa (Temporary Work Visa) in Dubai – Procedure Explained

There is no denying that the UAE Government has been doing every step to make living and working easy for the people interested in coming, living, and working there. The government has so far launched a number of various programs to help out foreign people. Since the country is a central attraction for the tourist, investment opportunities are massive as well. The government has also provided ease in investment opportunities. Beautiful locations, eye-catchy ambiance, skyscrapers, and colossal shopping malls, everything makes the UAE central attention. This post will explain the temporary work visa in Dubai, and how you can obtain it.

How to Get a Temporary Work Visa in Dubai – Explained

UAE has turned out to be a hub for international business and tourism. Dubai, a city and emirate of the United Arab Emirates, is famous for its luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and skyscrapers. It is also popular among the people of the world for being a hub for trade and investment opportunities.

If you want to go to the UAE for a short-term project, the government has eased the process by taking numerous steps to make living and working easy for the people.

One of those steps the UAE government has taken is a one-mission work visa that welcomes foreign workers to come into the city on this visa. With this visa, you can easily fly in and out without the need for a visit visa to complete a small project or a temporary job over there that requires a short stay in Dubai.

How Can You Obtain a One-Mission Work Visa

There are several requirements involved in getting this type of visa including a contract from the hiring company that requires the expertise of the individual temporarily for a job or project in Dubai.

Required Documents for a One-Mission Visa

  • Photo and passport of the applicant. The original passport is required to be submitted for a medical test.
  • Copy of the firm’s trade license.
  • Establishment card.
  • Applicant’s educational documents (attested)
  • E-signature card

Duration and Fees for the One-Mission Work Visa

Well, as it is a temporary work visa, it will be valid for 90 days. the visa cost ranges from AED 500 to AED 600. The applicant is also required to submit a security deposit of AED 3000. An additional AED 100 application fee is to be deposited also.

How to Apply for a Temporary Work Visa in Dubai

If you are interested in applying for a temporary work visa in Dubai (one-mission work visa), you need to know that the application procedure for this visa will be carried out by recruiting company (hiring company) through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE).

The fact remains that the entire UAE grabs the attention of the world including the tourists and the people interested in working or doing business there, but Dubai is the city or the emirates of the United Arab Emirates that is supremely popular and holds not only attention, attraction of all and sundry but also offer opportunities to grow.

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