Big News for Third Countries Nationals – Slovenia to Introduce Uniform Work and Residence Permits for Them

There is big news for the citizens of third countries. The nationals of the third world are going to be benefited from a massive move to be taken by a Schengen country. The Slovenian government is presently working on making things easy for the citizens of third countries so that they can come and live in the country. According to online reports, the Government of Slovenia is all set to launch uniform work and residence permits for third-country citizens. If you belong to a third country, it could be your chance to move to Slovenia – A Schengen and a member country of the European Union.

Details about Uniform Work and Residence Permits for Third-Country Citizens

As mentioned earlier that the Slovenian government is working on launching uniform permits for work and residence, the scheme especially will focus on drivers in international traffic.

The new proposal for uniform work and residence permits came up only a week after Slovenia published its new changes to its Aliens Act in Slovenia’s Official Gazette. The reports have it that the new proposal will eliminate numerous obstacles which often emerge in obtaining a residence permit for the nationals of third countries.

Boštjan Poklukar, the Minister of the Interior, talked about this matter at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia where the representative of the sections for traffic and transport of goods were present, the reports suggest.

The reports also revealed that the participants of the meeting pointed out the longer duration consumed on obtaining such permits which hindered the entire procedure of coming to the country for non-EU workers for work purposes.

The minister also highlighted that a number of administrative obstacles had also been removed for the workers coming from non-European countries last April 27th making the procedure faster to grant the residence permits and application certificates.

More Benefits for Foreign Workers

The minister unzipped that the legislation on foreign workers is also going to be reviewed and amended further to establish a modern migration strategy to meet the needs of the labor force of Slovenia.

The problems that the trick drivers were facing in the procedures of obtaining their work permits were also discussed by the minister. With this new policy, drivers could now get shortened procedures.

New and Extended Residence Permits to Be Sent by Mail

The government is also thinking and working on the launch of further facilitations in the process of becoming a worker and resident of Slovenia. The reports have it that the Slovenian authorities have made it possible already to send new and extended resident permits to the applicants by mail.

The government is also on its way to easing the process of hiring non-European workers in sectors such as social services and healthcare so that workers shortage in these fields can be overcome. If you found this post on uniform work and residence permits for third-country citizens informative, you may share your views with us.

Slovenia is undoubtedly the most beautiful country and its being in the Schengen area also helps it become more attractive for the people in other parts of the world. Particularly the people from third world get attracted. Thus, if you are from third world, this opportunity is going to benefit you. This new change is expected to remove the common obstacles come in a way for foreign workers when they plan to move to Slovenia for work purpose.

Government of Slovenia is all set to make things easy and workable for the third world nationals. Interested people should keep their eyes open and focus on the updates. The country is an active part of the Schengen zone and you may establish yourself there with your skills.

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