Singapore – Now the Most Powerful Passport of the World

There is news these days making the round of the media about the worth of a Singapore passport. Singapore has surpassed Japan in the ranking of most powerful passports. Thus, if you are passionate about moving to Singapore or you would like to settle in the country or want to visit it, this travel destination is all set to entice you.

Worth of Singapore Passport

The popularity of Singapore is for being a world financial center. It is one of the most densely populated places in the world. There is no doubt that residing in Singapore brings numerous attractive advantages, but the most prominent one is being the world’s safest country.

The country often gets ranked high for safety, meaning that it is a very alluring destination for travelers who always look for security and peace of mind.

Benefits, the Country Offers to Its Dwellers

Singapore is a very comfortable country to live in apart from the safety it offers to the people. The country is modern and offers vibrant life. The infrastructure, healthcare system, and education make it a pleasant place for expats of all age groups to live in. Another attraction or benefit is that the taxation system over there is very low and it appears to be quite generous.

Comparisons with Dubai

Often people draw comparisons between Singapore and Dubai. As far as Dubai is concerned, it is famous for offering a luxurious lifestyle, cutting-edge architecture, skyscraper buildings, and marvelous shopping centers. On the contrary, Singapore is known for being a central hub for international commerce.

Singapore Passport Toppled Japan in Ranking

According to online reports, the Singapore passport has topped a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports, toppling Japan from the top position.

The citizens of Singapore enjoy visa-free entry to 192 destinations. In second place, Germany, Spain, and Italy came were placed. The passport holders of these countries have visa-free entry to 190 destinations around the world.

The superpower, the United States dropped to eighth position (its lowest position yet). It ranked first in 2014. Singapore has always been the central attraction of tourists from the outset. The country witnesses a large number of tourists each year. It has a lot to offer to the visitors.

The multicultural society and eye-pleasing infrastructure allure the eyes. Safety is without any doubt the best attraction for travellers who find it really safe. As now the Singapore passport became the world’s most powerful passport, the country is now set to make more waves.

Singapore’s popularity lies in iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay. The country is jam-packed always with iconic and eye-pleasing attractions. The advancements in technology, innovations, and the natural beauty there always makes visiting Singapore an unforgettable experience for the tourists/visitors. Let’s check out the country.

The country’s passport was already powerful, now it has become the world’s most powerful passport, the citizens of the country are now all set to witness the worth around the world. Holding Singapore passport is now worthwhile.

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